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A Review of Snickering Out Loud by Jenny Sauer

Snickering Out Loud Jenny Sauer Snickering Out Loud delivers the raw truth about common dating hiccups. If you want sugar-coated advice, then you will not find it in  Snickering Out Loud . However, if you are ready to put your grown women's panties on or your manly britches and swallow the tough pill or don't cry when it cuts against your grain or strikes a nerve, then you are ready to withstand this book. It delivers the raw truth and reality of dating hiccups while also providing no-nonsense advise on the art of smart dating. I love the introduction of Jenny's life before she gets into the meaty stuff. She bears nearly all and shares her funny stories as she makes her exodus from childhood and her teenage years, into her college life and the "real world" experiences thereafter. Her quirky descriptions of those moments in time when we have those wild phases, brings this book to life and will have you laughing until you're crying. My favorite description was t

A Review of "Delusional" by Scott Spotson

  Delusional by Scott Spotson Romantic affairs? Gallery heists? Hallucinations? Secrets? Temper tantrums? Illusionists? Scott Spotson's Delusional invites us into the lives of some interesting but mildly flawed characters from various walks of life. Ok, so perhaps some are more flawed than others but who's judging? At any rate, you may find yourselves empathetic toward some of the helpless characters in this story and seething with a furious passion toward others midway through the pages. It's a soap opera on paper-you may yell and curse at some of the most sordid characters in this book but I guarantee that you won't put it down. Somewhat of a tease, this book arouses several different emotions in the reader at different turning points in the story. This book doesn't leave room for the reader to settle into what is initially a tranquil scene painted out somewhere overlooking the Sierra Nevada Mountains before it begins to pick up the pace, baffling investigators tr