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A Review of Sacred Promises by Jennifer Hines and Mindy Bigham

  Sacred Promises Jennifer Hines & Mindy Bigham Sacred Promises is an exhilarating adventure that will captivate the minds of readers seeking an electrifying escape.   Abbey finds solace and friendship among a group of Elementals who possess the ability to manipulate nature. Yet, unbeknownst to them, Abbey harbors a secret far greater than anyone could ever fathom. Bound by the dictates of fate, she must tread carefully, guarding her true nature until the opportune moment presents itself. The stakes are high, and Abbey's life hangs in the balance, for she possesses a tattoo on her back that must remain concealed at any cost, lest she becomes a target for those who seek to extinguish her before she fulfills her destined calling.   As Abbey settles into her new surroundings, her path becomes intertwined with Kaleb, the most formidable Warrior in all of Maramec Academy. The sizzling chemistry between them ignites a passionate fire, threatening to consume them both. Yet, in the com