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A Review of Laws of Wrath by Eriq La Salle

  Laws of Wrath by  Eriq La Salle A well plotted thriller that will keep you all the way on the edge of your seat! Eriq La Salle's  Laws of Wrath  took me by surprise. For some reason, I was looking for something along the lines of Sci-Fi and found a well-plotted Thriller instead. If you like a lot of details and background information to help you understand the characters, then Eriq La Salle does a great job with that. He creates a nice balance between each character's background and their present-day personalities, without making the reader feel as though they're receiving a historical lecture. When the story begins, Eriq shocks us with one of the characters, Dr. Zibik, who I thought would have a short and insignificant role at first. He paints this timid and shy picture of her until she is escorted inside the all women's maximum security prison; here, Dr. Zibik's character transforms into this lethal killer and invokes fear in the other inmates, as soon as the ha