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A Review of Tropical Heat by Saby Stone

  Tropical Heat Saby Stone Prepare yourself for a scorching heat wave that will ignite your senses and take you on a thrilling journey of deadly passion! In  Tropical Heat  by Saby Stone, we find Phillip Gee, a retired Naval Officer, enjoying a vacation in Bermuda. With his naval career cut short due to an injury suffered in Afghanistan, Phillip plans to join forces with his brother in opening a detective agency in Houston. But for now, he's ready to indulge in the island's pleasures, hang out with friends, and pursue romantic encounters. Enter the lady in red, accompanied by her imposing bodyguards. With just one glance, Phillip is captivated, unable to resist the allure or the burning desire to uncover her true identity. Despite warnings to steer clear of her dangerous presence, Phillip decides to dance with the devil. Little does he know that he's stepping into a treacherous web of romance and peril, risking not only his heart but also his life. Tropical Heat  delivers a

A Review of "Skeeter Hawk" by Saby Stone

Skeeter Hawk - A Saby Stone Story Hubert Stokes Life is full of mysteries awaiting its big reveal; secrets nestled in times past, yet taunting curiosity's nose. Oft times, the hidden truths and unearthed or better yet, unasked questions never quite accompany the death to their graves but walk among the living - waiting to be summoned by a simple "why" or "what if". As lessons often attempt to teach us, mysteries and secrets can never meet their final resting place until circumstances are ordered into their perfect place, emotions resurfaced, old habits triggered, faith re-evaluated, missions accomplished. The mysteries that come to the surface in this Saby Stone story lead Attorney Benjamin Brooks on a quest to find out who he really is and to retrace the roots he'd nearly succeeded in pushing to the farthest corner of his mind many years ago. Never intending to revisit his Gullah heritage, things are shaken up a bit in his life, forcing Benjamin to return t