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A Review of Dear Wife by Kimberly Belle

  Dear Wife Kimberly Belle Prepare to be entangled in a scandalous journey down the rabbit hole, where the thrill of each page turn will leave you breathless, clutching your pearls, and craving more. Dear Wife is a heart-pounding thriller that takes you on a wild ride, pushing the boundaries of your sanity. With its wickedly intricate plot and jaw-dropping twists, it promises to deliver a twisted tale like no other. Imagine the intense atmosphere of Sleeping with the Enemy blended with the mind games of Gone Girl. Beth has spent nearly a year meticulously planning her escape. Every detail has been carefully calculated - a new identity, a new appearance, and a new city. One wrong move, and her husband will track her down. The stakes are high, and the tension is palpable.  Meanwhile, Jeffrey returns home from a business trip to discover his wife, Sabine, missing without a trace. She has seemingly vanished into thin air, leaving behind no personal belongings. The abandoned car becomes the