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A Review of Cursed Legacy by D.E. Grant

  Cursed Legacy D.E. Grant A gripping tale of family secrets, facades and delicious plot twists. D.E. Grant's Cursed Legacy , takes us into the modern world where Detective Terry Hawkins is investigating a series of brutal murders that ultimately lead him to a dark and disturbing world that he never could have imagined. What's interesting about this book is how it connects to Grant's previous work, Cursed Plantation , where the Weatherfords, a historically wealthy slave-owning family, were introduced. In Cursed Legacy , we learn that the murder victim is a Weatherford descendent who had changed his name. The modern-day Weatherfords are extremely affluent and active in charity work, but as Hawkins delves deeper into his investigation, he finds that there are dark secrets hidden beneath their seemingly perfect fa├žade. As the plot thickens, Hawkins discovers the connection between the murders and the Weatherford family's past, leading to a captivating and twisted plot. Thr

A Review of Cursed Plantation by D.E. Grant

  Cursed Plantation D.E. Grant  The gripping, unapologetic, and unflinching tale of the year. Cursed Plantation by D.E. Grant, is a gripping tale set in the Antebellum South when slavery was rampant. The story follows the atrocities committed by a ruthless plantation owner named John Weatherford and the cruel treatment inflicted upon a young slave girl, Jessele Morcheaux. As the story unfolds, we see Weatherford's true nature exposed, including his extramarital affairs and his despicable treatment of those under his control. What's particularly striking is how his wife reacts to the revelation of his infidelity; rather than being outraged at his mistreatment of Jessele, she's more upset that he's seeking out a girl of the slave class. This powerful story sheds light on the horrors of slavery and the corruption and cruelty that too often go unchecked in positions of power. In Cursed Plantation , D.E. Grant skillfully blends supernatural elements with the harsh realities