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A Review of "Heritage House" by Renny deGroot

Heritage House Renny deGroot   "Heritage House" by Renny Degroot is a captivating police procedural murder mystery that introduces us to Gretha Braun, a German woman starting afresh on Cape Breton Island with the purchase of a home that comes with a troubled past. Her plans for renovating the house are quickly derailed when the previous owner, Jack Frazier, confronts her in the local building supply store, setting in motion a series of events that lead to a murder investigation. The news comes as a surprise to Detective Gordie when he finds out from his Sergeant that the murder victim is Gretha Braun. As Gordie and his partner Roxanne Albright delve into the case, readers are taken on a thrilling journey with them as they work to uncover the truth behind the crime. The dynamic between the two detectives adds tension as pressure mounts and the investigation unfolds, with their differing approaches and conflicting personalities. Detectives Gordie and Roxanne navigate the twists

A Review of Day Zero by Muneef Ahmad

  Day Zero Muneef Ahmad "Day Zero" by Muneef Ahmad is a thought-provoking and well-crafted thriller that explores the gripping consequences of a water crisis in Las Vegas. The story takes a fascinating turn as 250,000 migrants, known as "wigrants," are forced to settle in the north shore of Toronto due to the scarcity of water resources. The power struggle between Carla Cole of Axiom Water, who fights to resolve the drought and save the settlers, and Mira Senna, an enforcer willing to go to extreme measures to conserve water, sets the stage for a captivating narrative. There’s a clash between the protagonist, Carla Cole, and the forces that seek to control the precious water supply, even at the expense of human lives. The conflict escalates and the stakes get higher as the plot thickens further when the mayor of Toronto refuses to take responsibility for the “wigrants”, intensifying the pressure on Cole and Senna to find solutions to the water crisis. Their conflict

A Review of Lethal Connections by Erik Daniel Shein, Melissa Davis, Karen Fuller

  Lethal Connections Erik Daniel Shein Melissa Davis Karen Fuller Shein delivers a captivating mystery/thriller with an intriguing premise, well-developed characters and nail-biting suspense. Lethal Connections  by Erik Daniel Shein is a gripping murder mystery and thriller that takes readers on a suspenseful journey through the dark underbelly of St. Bernard Parish in Louisiana. From the very beginning, the book hooks you with an intriguing and grisly discovery when two old friends stumble upon a bloated, dead body while fishing in the wildlife observatory. The stage is set for a thrilling investigation, and that's where Sergeant Lance Knight steps in. Sergeant Knight is too career-driven to settle down with the sultry and sweet Lexie. As his newly appointed position takes off, he finds himself tasked with solving not just one, but a string of homicides that are piling up on his desk. As he delves deeper into the investigation, he uncovers a shocking revelation—all the victims are

A Review of AfterStrike by LJ Sellers

  AfterStrike L.J. Sellers Remarkable storytelling at its best with a gripping narrative filled with suspense and heart-pounding moments. AfterStrike  by L.J. Sellers takes us inside the musty, low-rent office of a counselor and her patient, Remi Bartell, who is plagued by a haunting inability to remember her own past. After exhausting all conventional methods of regaining her memory, she is referred to a Neuropsychologist in Portland. As she makes her exodus from the office disappointed, Remi is suddenly abducted by the patriarch of a dangerous crime family that propels the plot into a whirlwind of chaos and danger. From that moment on, readers are taken on a turbulent ride as Remi's memories start to resurface, revealing shocking secrets and opening doors to her enigmatic past. As she grapples with the fragments of her memory, readers are taken on an emotional roller coaster, sharing in her experiences as she searches for normalcy, and we can relate to the deep connection she for

A Review of Baghdad Heist by J.J. Carson

  Baghdad Heist J.J. Carson Skillfully-built suspense that unveils layers of deception and betrayal, while maintaining a relentless pace that leaves you craving more. Baghdad Heist  by J.J. Carson is a blend of mystery, international crime, and high-stakes suspense that explores the journey of its protagonist, Agent Charlotte Glass, also known as Charlie. The story begins by drawing us into Charlotte’s 16-year-old world, highlighting the profound bond she shares with her father during their fishing trip. This heartfelt connection seems to set the stage for the emotional depth that follows and explains her uninhibited choice of a high-stakes career. Fast forward ten years, and we find Charlotte on assignment in Paris, giving readers an introduction to her adventurous life. However, the story truly takes flight when the FBI Art Crimes Unit sends Charlotte and her team on assignment to Baghdad to retrieve some stolen artifacts. J.J. Carson delves into Charlotte’s complex world, as she gra

A Review of "Party Wine" by D.R. Ransdell

  Party Wine D.R. Ransdell Filled with delicious plot twists and an appropriate balance of intrigue and mystery. Party Wine by D. R. Ransdell is a brilliant murder mystery that flawlessly combines suspense, intricate plotting, and a cast of complex characters to deliver an enthralling reading experience. Ransdell does it again, with storytelling prowess like none other. It’s evident from the first chapter, where the stage is set as Sofi prepares for an event in the Piedmontese village near Monteleone. We’re taken inside a village painted with rows of party houses and, of course, Sofi’s balmetti and where everyone loves wine except Sofi. The story quickly unfolds when Sofi stumbles upon Ivano’s lifeless body lying on the floor of her cellar with blood on his shirt. This compelling narrative sends us on a captivating whodunit ride as it unravels the enigma page by page. The pacing of Party Wine is nothing short of impeccable as D. R. Ransdell masterfully balances moments of high intensi

A Review of "The Blind Date" by Layla Knight

The Blind Date Layla Knight A Captivating Journey of Love and Laughter! “The Blind Date” by Layla Knight takes readers on a delightful adventure into the world of Saffron, a woman at a crossroads in her love life. As she navigates her best friend’s wedding, Saff is confronted with the reality of her own solitude, prompting her parents to intervene with a unique proposition. What follows is a series of quirky blind date experiences that keeps readers eagerly turning the pages. Knight’s storytelling prowess shines through as she weaves a seamless love story with a twist of humor. From the very beginning, I found myself immersed in Saff’s world, feeling the weight of her desire for companionship and the humor that arises from her unusual circumstances. The author’s ability to balance laughter and heartfelt moments is commendable, as I often found myself both laughing out loud and holding my breath in anticipation. One of the book’s strongest aspects is its ability to evoke genuine emotion

A Review of "The Heart's Choice" by Tracie Peterson/Kimberley Woodhouse

The Heart's Choice Tracie Peterson/Kimberley Woodhouse Tracie Peterson’s  and  Kimberley Woodhouse’s   The Heart’s Choice  is an extraordinary historical fiction novel that effortlessly transports readers to a bygone era, capturing the climate and essence of the past with meticulous attention to detail. Through vivid prose and compelling characters, the authors weave a mesmerizing tapestry of love, resilience, and one’s true calling to advocate for justice.  Set against the backdrop of historical Kalispell, Montana, we are pulled into the worlds of Rebecca, the fiery advocating court reporter, and Mark, the librarian who immerses himself into the world of books. We follow where their chemistry leads while also seeing what mystery unravels that could leave a man’s innocence hanging in the balance or see if there really is light at the end of the tunnel of justice. We also see their lives nearly turned upside down when a near tragedy hits close to Mark’s home.  I love the tidbits of

A Review of Wolves in Sheep's Clothing by S. Cassadera

Wolves in Sheep's Clothing S. Cassadera In Wolves in Sheep's Clothing , S. Cassadera takes us on a gripping journey inside the world of a mega-church, where power and greed reign supreme. The story revolves around Benjamin King, the senior pastor of Mount Zion tabernacle Baptist church, whose primary goal is to expand his control over his congregation. He employs a team of associate pastors to carry out his vision and increase his church membership, but not all of them share his motives. Pastor Boseman, the fourth pastor, believes his purpose is to save souls, rather than to accumulate wealth and power. As the story progresses, Pastor King experiences a supernatural calling, and a shocking discovery is made: there are thieves in the temple. Two women are assigned to the watch committee to uncover the church's corruption, and the story is told from a first-person perspective, which adds a personal touch to the narrative. Along the way, we are introduced to a host of characte

A Review of The Fraudulent Psalmist by S. Cassadera

The Fraudulent Psalmist S. Cassadera In The Fraudulent Psalmis t, author S. Cassadera introduces us to the sordid life of Kalief, a character who is anything but righteous. Despite being chosen by Pastor Caleb to join the Sanctified Soul Pentecostal church and become a Psalmist, Kalief is a wolf in sheep's clothing, hiding his violent and abusive tendencies behind his role in the church. For readers who have previously encountered Kalief in Wolves in Sheep's Clothing, this book offers a new perspective on the character and a chance to see him in a completely different light. As the story unfolds, we are taken on a dark and twisted journey, as we witness Kalief's deceptive ways and the hidden agendas that threaten to unravel the entire congregation. It is a cautionary tale that exposes the dangers of unchecked power and the corrupting influence of those who seek to control others. Through the lens of Kalief's story, we see the ugly truth that lies at the heart of many or

A Review of The Hampton Beach Cafe by Sage Parker

The Hampton Beach Cafe Sage Parker Prepare to be enthralled by the irresistible allure of Frances, a captivating protagonist who wears her heart on her sleeve despite her attempts to maintain a stoic façade. In the opening scenes at Café Bruno, expertly crafted by author Sage Parker, readers are transported into Frances' world—a charming seaside haven brought to life by her partnership with the vivacious Lucinda. Just as Frances begins to embrace her newfound lease on life, an unexpected visitor from her past threatens to upend her world, setting the stage for a tumultuous tale of complex relationships and redemptive love. With each turn of the page, Parker deftly navigates a labyrinth of emotions, whisking readers away on a journey of bewildering twists and unexpected turns. Frances, still reeling from the revelation that she remains married to her estranged husband, finds herself entangled in a renewed romance with her high school sweetheart, Alex. As if fate itself wishes to com

A Review of Tackling the Taboo by Terica Turner

  Tackling the Taboo Terica Turner Tackling the Taboo by Terica Turner invites you on a transformative journey, delving into the depths of navigating life with mental illness from a unique perspective. This profound and eye-opening book unveils the author's personal and spiritual encounters with anxiety, depression, and other mental health challenges, further challenging prevailing myths and misconceptions surrounding these issues. With unwavering honesty, the author demolishes the notion that Christians are immune to such struggles, emphasizing that mental health concerns do not reflect a lack of faith or spiritual devotion. From developing a suicide safety plan to engaging in open dialogues with loved ones, the author provides tangible guidance to nurture resilience and foster healing. With each turn of the page, readers are equipped with the essential knowledge and skills needed to embrace life's complexities and flourish despite the shadows that may loom.     This book is

A Review of Altered by Rob Kaufman

  Altered Rob Kaufman Prepare to be captivated by the relentless suspense and intricate web of surprises in Rob Kaufman's masterpiece, Altered. Altered  by Rob Kaufman is a meticulously written story that expertly navigates the depths of the human psyche, skillfully manipulating our emotions in this psychological suspense thriller. With great detail, Kaufman paints a dark and gripping tale that transports us directly into the late Friday evening world of Justin Wright's office. As most people wind down for the weekend, Justin encounters his newest client, Frank, plunging him into the depths of a challenging case. Frank, plagued by multiple personalities, is desperate to transition into a semblance of normalcy, and Justin takes on the formidable task of guiding him. Little does he know that this case will unleash a chain of events that shatter his world and that of his family.   Just when we think we have unraveled the enigma, Kaufman jolts us with yet another delectable twist.