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A Review of "The Marriage Retreat" by Laura Elliot

The Marriage Retreat Laura Elliot  "The Marriage Retreat" by Laura Elliot is a heart-stopping psychological thriller that grips readers from the very first page. With a captivating opening scene, the story immediately plunges readers into a world of mystery and intrigue, where the protagonist, Lorraine Gordon, finds herself facing a devastating loss and a web of deceit. Elliot's skillful storytelling keeps readers on the edge of their seats as they journey alongside Lorraine, a woman who has dedicated her life to helping others salvage their marriages at her successful couples' retreat, Serenity Falls. However, when tragedy strikes, and Lorraine's husband, Viktor, dies in a collision, her world unravels as she learns that he was not where he claimed to be at the time of the crash. This revelation leads her to a mysterious woman in a coma, whose identity is shrouded in secrecy. The tension in the story intensifies as Lorraine delves deeper into her husband's pa

A Review of "Unclutter: A Survivor's Story by Winnie D. Pagora

  Unclutter Winnie D. Pagora Unclutter: A Survivor's Story (Inner Voice Book 1) by Winnie D. Pagora is a poignant and powerful debut novel that delves deep into the raw and emotional journey of eighteen-year-old Tina Lauren. As an outcast with hidden wounds, Tina's life takes a dramatic turn when a confrontation with the town heartthrob, Nicholas Parker, exposes her long-buried scars to a harsh and judgmental spotlight. Pagora's masterful storytelling skillfully captures the complexities of Tina's struggles, from her aversion to touch and self-image issues to the relentless bullying and betrayal she faces after the incident. The author's portrayal of Tina's emotional turmoil is both heart-wrenching and authentic, immersing readers in her world and eliciting empathy for her plight. In Unclutter, Pagora fearlessly tackles important themes such as trauma, survival, shame, and the power of one's inner voice. The novel skillfully navigates the impact of social me

A Review of Teen Justice: Justice Has a Curfew by C.A. Gordon

Teen Justice: Justice Has a Curfew Book One C.A. Gordon Teen Justice: Justice Has a Curfew is a thrilling sci-fi fantasy novel by C.A. Gordon that follows the lives of five ordinary teenagers with extraordinary abilities in a world recovering from a crisis caused by one man's act of revenge. The story centers on Cameron, Taylor, Zack, Nova, and Max, five teenagers who must navigate the challenges of adolescence while learning to use their superpowers as a team to bring hope to their dark city. The novel takes place in the intriguing and unique setting of Silver City, a multi-layered urban landscape with each layer representing different social and economic statuses. The author skillfully weaves in elements of world-building, incorporating futuristic technology and genetic alterations that have created a city full of genetically modified individuals, including cops, criminals, and classmates. At the heart of Teen Justice is not the typical superhero versus supervillain conflict, but

A Review of Chronicles of Anne by Naif Makmi and Adel Saud

Chronicles of Anne Naif Makmi & Adel Saud "Chronicles of Anne" is an enchanting fantasy novel that weaves a tale of magic, destiny, and self-discovery. Set in a world full of sorcery and supernatural beings, the story follows Anne, a young girl living in an orphanage, unaware of her true identity. Thirteen years after the tragic loss of her parents, Anne longs to become a witch and sets out on a path that leads her to realize her destiny—a mission to liberate a nation in another dimension from its enemies. The authors, Naif Makmi and Adel Saud, skillfully craft a narrative filled with mystery, excitement, and intrigue. The story unfolds in a well-imagined world, where magic and sorcery are part of everyday life. The introduction of the prophecy adds an element of foreboding, creating anticipation for the events to come. Anne is a compelling protagonist, whose journey of self-discovery and acceptance forms the heart of the novel. As she grapples with her newfound powers an

A Review of "Stories Written Under Dim Lights" by Ikechukwu Ukokwele

  Stories Written Under Dim Lights Ikechukwu Ukokwele "Stories Written Under Dim Lights" by Ikechukwu Ukokwele is a captivating compilation of short stories in the cultural fiction genre. The book weaves together a collection of thought-provoking tales, each filled with emotional depth and rich cultural nuances. One of the standout stories, "You Are Not A Boy," challenges age-old biases prevalent in a tight-knit community. The narrative revolves around Ada, a strong-willed young girl, who questions the social norms dictating what games are suitable for girls to play. Ukokwele skillfully brings to light the unfair gender stereotypes that discourage girls from participating in football, as it is deemed a dangerous activity that may harm their chances of bearing children. Ada's frustration with such unfounded beliefs showcases her determination to break free from traditional constraints, highlighting her resilience in challenging societal expectations. "A Tale

A Review of The Sons of Thunder by Andrew PanKratz

  The Sons of Thunder Andrew J. Pankratz "The Sons of Thunder" by Andrew Pankratz is a riveting Christian Western Fiction novel that takes readers on an exciting journey to Council Grove, Kansas, in the year 1866. Set against the backdrop of a bustling town on the Santa Fe Trail, the story revolves around two brothers, Jacob and Esau Cochrane, who find themselves entangled in a dangerous battle with the criminal magnate George Copley. The author skillfully paints a vivid picture of the town and its inhabitants, giving readers a glimpse of life during that era. Council Grove comes alive with hordes of settlers, cowboys, and soldiers passing through daily, and the shadowy figure of George Copley looms large in the background. Copley, an astute criminal, has amassed a fortune through both legitimate and illicit means, thanks to his control over the town's key figures, including a judge and a weak-kneed sheriff. However, the arrival of the Cochrane brothers shakes things up.

A Review of Cristo & the Eldritch Uprising by Angus Bessai

  Cristo & the Eldritch Rising  Angus Bessai "Cristo & the Eldritch Uprising" by Angus Bessai is an enthralling dark comedy fantasy novel that takes readers on an adventurous journey with the witty and resilient dwarven bounty hunter, Cristo. The narrative unfolds as Cristo embarks on a quest to fulfill a seemingly routine bounty on a mugger, which unexpectedly leads him to stumble upon a secretive cult, hell-bent on summoning a formidable eldritch entity.   Bessai masterfully weaves a tale of intrigue and humor, skillfully blending dark comedy with fantastical elements, creating a world that immerses readers in its richness and imagination. The character of Cristo is a true standout, a seasoned and gruff bounty hunter with a moral compass that sets him apart from conventional protagonists. Throughout the story, Cristo's character undergoes significant development as he grapples with complex moral dilemmas and confronts the sinister machinations of the cult.

A Review of Silver Lies: Book One by Willa Layne

Silver Lies: Book One Willa Layne "Silver Lies:Book One" by Willa Layne is an intriguing new adult dystopian romance that plunges readers into a post-apocalyptic world ravaged by an unknown virus. The story revolves around Ash, a resilient and skilled hunter who survives in a world decimated by the virus, and her adoptive father figure, Pop. As Ash navigates her way through the town of Cedar Hill, she encounters Diesel, her only friend, whose mysterious past and captivating presence add an exciting twist to the narrative. Layne's depiction of the post-virus world is vivid and captivating, immersing readers in a society grappling to survive in the aftermath of destruction. The scarcity of light-haired survivors, including Ash, adds an element of intrigue and mystery, leaving readers eager to uncover the secrets behind this phenomenon. Ash's character is compelling and relatable, driven by the need to fend for herself in a world where danger lurks around every corner. H

A Review of Mellow Your Money by Mick Heyman

  Mellow Your Money Mick Heyman "Mellow Your Money" by Mick Heyman is a stellar guide that provides a refreshing perspective on money management, offering readers a pathway to financial peace and emotional well-being. In a world filled with market volatility and sensationalist headlines, Heyman presents a compelling case for viewing money management as a form of meditation, leading to a sense of calm and balance in one's financial journey. Drawing on his extensive experience as a wealth manager, Heyman skillfully addresses the emotional and psychological challenges that many individuals face when dealing with money and building wealth. Through self-reflection and self-awareness, readers learn how to overcome these obstacles, fostering a healthier money mindset that paves the way for financial success. The book offers valuable insights into the power of long-term investing and the importance of doing less to earn more, debunking the notion that constant market monitoring i

A Review of Across Both Sides of the Mirror by Bianca Pensy Aba

  Across Both Sides of the Mirror Bianca Pensy Aba "Across Both Sides of the Mirror" by Bianca Pensy Aba is a stunning contemporary fantasy and magical realism novel that grips readers from start to finish. The story revolves around Nova, a relatable protagonist who faces an existential crisis as she struggles with unfulfilled ambitions and disconnected relationships. Aba masterfully crafts Nova's world, portraying her job, friendships, and family dynamics with intricate detail, making the readers deeply empathize with her journey. The pivotal moment comes when Nova purchases a captivating mirror from an antiques shop, leading to a mind-bending exploration of reality and self-discovery. Aba skillfully weaves in elements of African mythology, which enriches the narrative, adding depth and uniqueness to the story. The novel's strength lies in its exploration of profound themes such as the quest for individuality, the value of found family, and the consequences of one

A Review of My Place Among Them by J. Stanion

  My Place Among Them J. Stanion "My Place Among Them" by J. Stanion is a captivating and poignant narrative that immerses readers into the tumultuous world of Native American life during the late 19th century. The author weaves a gripping tale of struggle, identity, and cultural clashes, centering on John Iron Horse, chief of the Potato Creek clan, and his lost hope for the future in the face of government mistreatment.   The story opens from Carter’s perspective in his personal journal.  He’s married to his mixed-blood Indian wife, Lillian, and chooses to serve the impoverished people on the reservation at Potato Creek. Their commitment to teaching and uplifting the children of Potato Creek showcases their unwavering dedication to bridging the cultural divide and fostering understanding between the Native Americans and the white settlers.   One of the strengths of the narrative is its deep exploration of the cultural clash and divide between the Native Americans and the gov

A Review of The Beautiful Ugliness of Being by Joe Maldonado

The Beautiful Ugliness of Being Joe Maldonado Joe Maldonado’s collection, The Beautiful Ugliness of Being, is a raw and deeply introspective exploration of the human experience. Through a series of thought-provoking and emotionally charged poems, Maldonado delves into the complexities of life, celebrating the diversity and dynamism of existence. The rawness of Maldonado’s writing is evident from the opening lines, as he captures the visceral sensations of life: The body buzzing electric, the rush of blood, and the rhythm of breath. These vivid descriptions create a sensory experience for the reader, immersing them in the intensity of being alive. Throughout the collection, Maldonado fearlessly examines the depths of human emotions, unafraid to confront pain, sorrow, and vulnerability. His words are a cathartic release, laying bare the raw essence of the human soul. He explores themes of love, loss, identity, and the fragility of existence, inviting readers to journey with him through t

A Review of A Single Spark by Mandy Burkhead

  A Single Spark Mandy Burkhead A Single Spark by Mandy Burkhead is a YA Fantasy novel that follows the intertwined narratives of Mackenna, a Fae woman, and Chambers, a human slave, in the enchanting Fae Court. Mackenna discovers the Fae’s weak spot and questions the queen’s judgment. Meanwhile, Chambers, resentful of their enslavement, desires revenge and attempts to set an escape plan in motion. They encounter Laenan Sidhe, a Fae offering assistance in exchange for a taste of Chamber’s life essence. The story explores themes of identity, betrayal, and the yearning for freedom while immersing readers in a vividly depicted world. Mandy Burkhead masterfully weaves together the narratives of Mackenna and Chambers within the intricate and enchanting world of the Fae Court. The pacing of the story is well-crafted, gradually building tension and intrigue while maintaining a sense of mystery. The vivid descriptions bring the fantastical elements of the Fae Court to life, immersing readers in

A Review of Be Your Own Guru by Anastasia Petrenko

  Be Your Own Guru Anastasia Petrenko In Anastasia Petrenko’s thought-provoking book, Be Your Own Guru, the author delves into the human experience of expectations, disappointments, and mortality. Petrenko explores the ways in which we cultivate unrealistic expectations, both externally influenced by societal standards and internally driven by our desires. She emphasizes the need to challenge and reevaluate these expectations in order to find contentment and gratitude in our lives. Furthermore, the author addresses our inherent denial of mortality, highlighting the detrimental effects of avoiding the reality of our finite existence. Through her insightful observations and practical advice, Petrenko encourages readers to embrace the present moment, make sensible decisions, and pursue their dreams without delay. Be Your Own Guru offers a profound exploration of the human condition, weaving together the themes of expectations, disappointments, and mortality into a cohesive narrative. Anas

A Review of Red Hail

  Red Hail Jamie Killen Red Hail by Jamie Killen is a thought-provoking science fiction novel that follows the journey of several characters in the wake of a mysterious phenomenon. As Red Hail brings about unsettling events, the characters must grapple with their beliefs and navigate the consequences of newfound knowledge. The story explores themes of identity, acceptance, and the ethical dilemmas arising from scientific advancements. Through well-developed characters and evocative prose, Killen crafts a narrative that is both gripping and emotionally resonant. The novel culminates in a satisfying ending that ties together the various storylines while leaving room for contemplation. Red Hail is a compelling read that invites readers to ponder the complexities of human nature and the power of knowledge.   The narrative is skillfully crafted, with a compelling blend of science fiction, mystery, and human drama. Killen excels at building tension and suspense, keeping readers engrossed